Hi, I'm Aubrey.

The general purpose computer is an instrument of creation. Since you are able to change it's behavior to almost any reason you can imagine, there is no excuse for using it in an unimaginative or monotonous way. However, I and everyone else that I've ever met falls into trap of thinking "well, this isn't perfect, but it's the way things are done" when using a computer.

To try and get over my bad repetitive habits I'm going to try to spend the week shrinking all of my non-creative computing tasks to at one most step (completely automatic is even better!). To me, it is usually only marginally harder to create a script to complete a task compared to doing the task manually. I'm hoping this means that I'm not going to go to far off into the weeds with the things I work on.

I'll be sure to post anything that I think might be helpful to others on github. Hopefully this won't involve me having to learn too much vimscript…