Hi, I'm Aubrey.

It turns out that being the best at something is not always the best career move. For a while in high school I worked for a certain fast food restaurant that specializes in fried chicken sandwiches. When I first started, I moved around doing a few of the different jobs in the restaurant, working the friers, being a cashier, assembling the sandwiches. One day, however, I started to wash dishes.

Wanting to impress my managers at my first job, I threw myself into trying to get all of the dishes as clean as possible, as quickly as possible. Every night I would come home sore and covered in dishwater from slinging dishes around for hours. In addition to realizing that fast food restaurants go through many more dishes than I previously imagined, I also realized that I was no longer moving around to different jobs. I was washing dishes every single night.

I finally had to ask my manager why I was stuck washing dishes. Was I not doing a good job with the other positions? Had I pissed someone off? It turns out, that no one else could get the mountain of dishes clean in time before the restaurant closed. They couldn't let anyone else wash the dishes because I was doing too good of a job. I was too good of a worker not to be a dishwasher.

As I've moved along in my career, I've kept this lesson in mind. I don't think that you should try to do a bad job at anything you are tasked with. However, you should be selective and only fully throw yourself into the tasks you love. Those will be the ones you're stuck doing.