Hi, I'm Aubrey.

I very rarely know what I'm doing. Luckily, I get to learn on the job.

Since I can either automate processes or become more efficient at tasks that I've completed in the past, I get to spend most of my time working on something that I've never encountered before. And while it can be intimidating to encounter a new technology, I learn a lot more about it when I teach someone else how to do what I'm doing.

It is easy enough to just touch the surface of something new, learning enough to complete the task at hand. However, when I want to dive deep into the inner workings of a new library or methodology, nothing beats putting together a blog post or short talk to share my new knowledge with others. When you put your self forward as a sort of authority, you force yourself to sit and think through what you're trying to communicate, and you become much more confident in your knowledge.

This process of sharing knowledge has been on my mind lately because I want to learn more about how authors and editors communicate when working on articles and books, with the goal of learning enough about the process to eventually build a product to make that type of collaboration easier. To that end, the focus of many of my upcoming posts will be about how to better collaborate on projects involving the written word.

Hopefully, I'll have completed enough research so that I don't sound like a total jackass.