Hi, I'm Aubrey.

The evidence is starting to pile up: I can't actually do everything in the world on my own.

I've always been the do-it-yourself type. At work, I am able to rely on the open source community and my incredibly smart co-workers. I can lean on resources external to me to not waste time on solved problems, but I have to push myself to use these resources. In software, this overly independent mindset is referred to as Not Invented Here Syndrome.

I'm starting to find that I am falling in to the 'not invented here' trap in other parts of my life as well. At home, I do all of my own yard work and home repairs. Even this blog, until very recently, has been completely a solo act. 'Do it by yourself' has been motto.

But collaboration has immense value. Not only do you gain insights that come from others, but your work takes on a life of its own. The act of bouncing around an idea helps it evolve.

In that vein, I'm looking for collaborators to help me author some posts for this blog. In software development, the act of pair programming has become increasingly embraced, and I want to try the practice with writing as well.

So, if you have an idea for a blog post on software development or collaboration or would like to pair on a blog post, hit up @aubRho on Twitter. I'd love to try it out.