Hi! I'm Aubrey

I help new developers survive the tech industry to build a better life.

Aubrey Rhodes

For the last 11 years, I've worked in the tech industry in Atlanta with companies large and small. I love making people's lives better at work.


So You're Working With An Asshole

This probably sounds familiar. You’ve been working at your new job for a  while. You love your team, and you are getting to do so

You Are Not Your Job

When you introduce yourself at a party, how do you describe yourself? Are the first words out of your mouth “I’m a software developer”, “I work at company XYZ”, or just “I do computers”? If so, you might have a problem my friend.

The 5 Struggles of a New Developer

Starting your job in a new field for you is never easy. Being a software developer can feel like pounding your head into a wall. Here's the five biggest challenges every new developer faces.